About the Artist


 Suzanne Moxon is a Canadian artist and designer. She grew up on the South Shore of Montreal and moved to Ottawa to obtain her B.A. in English and History from Carleton University. Afterwards, she attended Algonquin College for a diploma in Graphic Design.

After more than a decade working for the Federal Government as a designer, Suzanne returned to Algonquin College to take the Interactive Multimedia program. Then, she worked for seven years creating visuals for online courseware for a tech learning company and online university as well as many years as a freelance designer.

While still taking on occasional design contracts, Suzanne has come full circle to what drew her to visual art in the first place. More often these days, she finds herself engaged in her early passion for drawing and painting. Favourite mediums are acrylic, dry pastel and coloured pencil. From time to time, she enjoys experimenting with other mediums, as well as digital art and photo editing. In the process, she strives to learn and grow as an artist. 

Suzanne derives her biggest inspiration from nature and sky with their contrasts and colours of light. She will often  explore certain subject matter in series (like her numerous birds).  Combining her love of language with that of visual art, she nurses a secret ambition to illustrate a book for children (and has a number different attempts simmering on the back burner).

Suzanne is currently a member of the Kanata Civic Art Gallery.