How to order your digital portrait


Say Hello

Contact me to commission a portrait.

Include a description of your pet and when you would like to receive it.

I will reply within 3 business days. 

Send photos

When it's time to start sketching, I will need a clear picture of your pet. The image should be well lit and crisp enough to make out the details. More than one picture would be greatly  appreciated. It will help give me a better sense of your pet's unique qualities.

What you will get

For $100.00 cdn,  you will be emailed a custom digital portrait of your beloved pet.

I "paint" using a tablet and stylus with illustration software to create a high quality image...perfect for printing or sharing online.

First, a draft will be sent to you for approval and to give you an opportunity to request changes.

The final portrait will be sent as high resolution JPGs.

There are many printing options out there. Check with your local printer for ideas (such as printing on canvas, greeting cards, mugs, T-shirts or for framing). Feel free to ask for guidance during the printing stage.


Coming soon