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A primary inspiration for me comes from the beauty of my beloved Canada and nature. The seasons and colours of the landscape with the interplay of light against the sky, rocks, trees, and water speaks to me and fills me with the desire to capture what I see, feel and breathe. I doubt that I could ever stop adding to my collection of Landscapes.

Birds & Animals


I love all kinds of creatures, so I'm sure to keep adding to my collection of Birds & Animals. I have been painting a lot of birds recently. There is a tremendous variety of birds that come in such a wide range of beautiful colours. They are like flowers that have  bright and lively eyes and a whole lot of personality.



 This collection of Miscellany is an assortment of work depicting various subject matter and media. The work here does not fit neatly into a category of its own. These can range from my earlier work with dry media, to people, digital art & photo effects and my newest  endeavors exploring abstract art.